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Zemtu carsharing is a flexible software solution that matches your use case. We support station-based carsharing and zone-based carsharing. Registration, booking, using the vehicles, reporting and billing.

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Station-based carsharing

This model is most suitable when you want to provide mobility to a neighborhood and all users of your public carsharing service. At a known base station users pick up the vehicle and also return it there. In combination with a wallbox for electric charging this is the perfect solution for environmentally friendly carsharing. People like to replace their second car with a carsharing solution or even abandon all of their own cars entirely. In combination with bicycles and high availability of public transport this becomes an option for more and more users.

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Station-based carsharing
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Zone-based carsharing

Define your zone: a parking area, a neighborhood, a block or the entire street. You define a zone where the users can pick up and return the car. It’s like free floating with the possibility to book a car in advance. We call it free floating with a power pack!

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Zone-based carsharing
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Corporate carsharing and fleet management

Our innovative tools help you to manage your fleet easily and efficiently. With every booking, users can switch between private and business journeys. These bookings are then assigned to the employer or the user in the accounting. During business hours employees use the fleet and in the evening and on weekends companies can offer the vehicles to other users as well. Send the vehicles to work.

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Corporate carsharing and fleet management


Use case workflow


We offer a flexible registration assistant with all fields you need. Decide which fields are mandatory or optional, choose the payment options you’d like to offer to new users, let users choose their preferred tariff, require the driver’s license and an identification document like a passport, check against APIs of the authorities and implement a fully automated self-service signup with instant access to vehicles by using an identification service.



We are proud of the simple booking interface. It's possible to create a new booking with only two clicks. The scheduler view provides a nice overview for your users to find the perfect car. You can also use the mobile app.



With Zemtu it's possible to unlock and lock the car with your smartphone. Alternatively you can use a NFC chip card. During your ride you use the normal car key.



Do the billing with the built-in sophisticated billing module or use the APIs to implement your own billing workflow.



When the booking is finished the system logs the distance and fees into the driver’s logbook. Users get a nice overview of their trips.

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Philipp Metzler

Philipp Metzler

CEO, Zemtu Carsharing Software